Thursday, January 8, 2009

Contest for (Horror) Lovers

We're barely into the new year and already looking ahead to St. Valentine's Day. Yes, that special day when you get to curl up with your favourite other and think monstrous thoughts.

But what to do on that magical evening to get in the mood?

Well, for horror lovers this year it's easy. You can turn down the lights, get close and watch a free copy of AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, Volume 1, thanks to the fearsome folks at They've got more reviews on obscure and hard to find horror films than you can shake a stick insect at.

For your chance to win the free DVD visit their contest page. You'll find the answer to the skill testing question in plain site within the interview with yours cruelly.

Then send an e-mail with the answer to Be sure to include the word 'OBSCURE' in the subject line so the web-monster knows no to trash your response.

The contest draw takes place during the Winter Feast of the Rodent Shadow - I mean, Groundhog Day, February 2, 2009. That way the DVD will arrive in plenty of time for a happy St. Valentine's Day. Awwww, so romantic...

Enjoy the interview & the horror reviews - and beast of luck.

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