Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Madison's Bordello of Horror Live/Dead Podcast

The Madison mad-caps Freakshow and the Harlots of Horror are at it again, with wild revels in the middle of January. Don't they know how freaking cold it gets in January in the Mid-West?

If you're in the frigid vicinity, the Bordello of Horror launch party will take place at The Annex in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday January 23rd @ 8 PM CST. If you can't be there - or don't want to brave the sub-zero - you can catch it from the comfort of your internet console via live broadcast on the Bordello of Horror Video Channel.

The live/dead webcast will feature the world premiere of the new mocumentary "The Zombeatles: All You Need Is Brains". I wonder if Yoko Oh-NO will make a guest appearance?

There's also live music and the Mid-West premiere of "Jessica Rabid", starring Elske McCain.

Good time? Sounds like a starving zombie (no-brainer) to me.

You can get more details at the Madison Horror Film Festival's web site.

Bordello of Horror

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