Monday, September 29, 2008

Shriekfest says "AAAAAH!!"

We're always on the look out for ways to promote indie films & filmmakers. So we're really pleased to announce that we've partnered with our good friends Denise Gossett & Todd Beeson in L.A. to sponsor the award for the Best Short Horror Film at Shriekfest 2008.

Get an early Halloween fix at one of the west coast's premiere horror film fests. It's a real treat for filmmakers who attend to feel really welcomed by a festival.

Shriekfest 2008 starts Thursday, October 2 with a gala opening party and concludes after three jam packed days of films & screenwriting competitions with a wrap up blow out on Sunday October 5. Some screenings are already sold out, so check into it pronto while there are still seats available.

Winners of the Best Short Film award will receive, in addition to the festival's award, a hefty swag bag from Crypt Club Productions Inc., and a possible distribution offer for inclusion in an upcoming volume of AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits.

Best of luck to all the filmmakers. We look forward to seeing your craft work on screen as we cower beneath our seats.

Shriekfest - The Los Angeles Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"You Can't Say That On Radio!"

Well, maybe not on normal radio - but this is HMF Indie Radio coming out of Texas on the word-wired-web.

I'll find out soon enough what I can & can't say on radio as I've been invited to talk live about horror stuff on Indie Radio hosted by director & actor Parrish Randall.

The whole rootin' tootin' no-holds-barred critical/intellectual/visceral shebang takes place Sunday September 21 at 8:05 pm (EST) for about 45 minutes. My thanks to show producer & indie horror fan Andy Rose for the invitation.

I'm sure the conversation will turn [okay, it will be steered with locked arms] toward the new release of AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, Volume 1. Andy was among the first to order it so he could do his homework before the air date - and to bring his family closer together [see previous blog post].

If you want to be part of the live show the Call In Number is (646) 716-7438.

For fans of the long-running Radio show this program is the second show that they've developed and it focuses solely on independent horror films.

All right! The indie film movement is growing. Soon we will take over the world...!

And then we'll be able to say whatever the [*&^#!] we want on the radio. Pardon mon Fran├žais. Indie Radio

Friday, September 5, 2008

"It's Alive! It's Alive!" - And Available Now to bring your family closer together.

Long time coming, but well worth the wait.

"AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, Volume 1" DVD is now available to buy on DVD.

Click here (not on the ad photo) to buy your very own copy right now.

It's okay.

Go ahead.

I'll wait.

(dum dee dee dee dum...)

There. That didn't hurt a bit, did it?

Now you can bask in the warm glow that comes from supporting independent filmmaking. (Thank You)

And in a few short days you can bask in the frightful chill coming from your DVD player as you turn down the lights and enjoy a good night's creep. (You're Most Welcome)

For those of you still undecided (yes, I see you over there avoiding eye contact) here's some more information to sway your clicking finger.

The DVD is crammed full with 7 terror-ific short indie horror films (52 film festival awards between them all), totaling about 110 minutes, including trailers, a special short greeting from yours truly, and more...

Since we filled the disc with the films (keeping the digital compression to the barest minimum to ensure the highest image & sound quality) we're providing a DVD@CCESS link to some SECRET WEB CONTENT.

We'll be posting exclusive bonus goodies about the films and filmmakers on a Secret Page at our web site.

Link directions are included in the DVD case - and it works on both PC & Mac platforms.

For more info and persuasive arguments for purchasing volume 1 of this fang-tastic short horror film collection please visit our web site.

Go on. I dare ya. What's the matter? You chicken? Gonna get your mommy to buy the disc for ya? Well, okay. Uh, that works just fine for me. Tell her, "Thank you." And remind her to get extra copies as Halloween gifts for the cousins. She'll thank you. And isn't your mother's love & gratitude worth everything?

While you're saying "you're welcome" to your mom (I'm sure she'd appreciate a hug too), remember to tell all your friends about AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits - and how we're bringing families closer together.

Thanks a bunch for reading this far & for supporting independent filmmaking.

AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits Store

Monday, September 1, 2008

Did you win our Grand Prize Draw?

During our Festival of Fear appearance we promised a prize package to one lucky person who visited our booth and entered our draw. Hundreds of folks filled in their ballot and said a little prayer as they handed the delicate slip of paper - representing their fondest dream of winning cool stuff to watch & wear - to our friend Jill, who gently took the paper from their hopeful fingers and mashed it into the ballot bowl with all the others.

After the convention, we put these hundreds of entries into a black sack - along with some broken glass and discarded medical sharps to enhance our enjoyment of the selection process.

After much blind digging and yelping, our shredded mitts pulled out the entry belonging to our grand prize winner. Fortunately for us (and the draw contestants), we used blood-proof ink in the pens for the draw ballot and we were able to read the winner's name, e-mail, and T-shirt size.

Kong-gratulations to Brendan Rowe! Shortly, he'll be receiving a hefty package containing T-shirts, DVDs, and assorted swag (including the notorious K-W syringe pen) from AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, The Pit and the Pendulum, and Enjoy them all in good health.

Who says dreams can't come true?

And now we're off to the ER and then a manicure. Giving hurts so good.