Friday, January 23, 2009

Contest Winner Announced & Contest Reminder

We have a winner for our December DVD giveaway contest through The lucky stiff is Judson Scott of Los Angeles, Karloffornia! Congratulations Judson!

As I type this our trusty international letter carriers are relaying their way across the continent to deliver Judson's prize in a timely manner. Dim the lights & enjoy!

If you missed out on the December contest, fear not. Check out our January contest at

This contest's prize draw happens on Monday February 2. So enter soon.

Just send your answer to the skill testing question to "" and be sure to put 'OBSCURE' in your e-mail's subject line so the web-monster doesn't pitch it into the junk mail pile.

Beast of Luck!

Obscure Horror's AAAAAH!! Contest

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