Saturday, January 31, 2009

AAAAAH!! featured in Toronto Sun

At last!

I did an interview in September of 2008 for Roger Pierce of BizLaunch for the Toronto Sun's career section on new entrepreneurs. The idea was that, since I deal in spooky stuff, the newspaper would run the article during October to tie into the whole Halloween vibe.

However, the Sun's editors kept bumping the article in favour of stories about single-moms and daycare services. Yawn. Real spooky-like.

But enough bitching and moaning.

The article, entitled Scary Small Business, saw the light of day on Wednesday January 28, 2009. Wish I'd known in advance so I could've salvaged some print copies for my parental units. (Okay, just a bit more bitching and moaning.)

The article is currently available on-line - but I'm not sure for how long. So click to it ASAP before they change the link to something about a dog walking service for the left-handed.

If you've ever considered starting a small business be sure to check out BizLaunch. They provide loads of free information, seminars, links, etc. for anyone seriously considering the entrepreneurial life.

Toronto Sun's "Scary Small Business" Article

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