Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rare screening of The Crypt Club

Thanks to the good folks at Latin Horror - especially to Edwin Pagan - "The Crypt Club" is now part of the Latin Horror Horrorphiles #2 screening in New York City.

"The Crypt Club" is an official selection of more than 45 international film festivals, winning 18 awards, including awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography (Walter Pacifico), and Best Original Music (Nicholas Longstaff).

The film was retired from public screenings after airing in Canada on the national filmmaker showcase program "Canadian Reflections".

So don't miss this rare chance to experience "The Crypt Club" as it is meant to be seen - in a darkened theatre on a big screen.

LATIN HORROR, in association with NEWFILMMAKERS, presents the NewLatino Filmmakers Screening Series at Anthology Film Archives - "The HORRORphiles #2 - Scaring up a Revolución," featuring the work of emerging Latino/a directors working within the genre of horror.

NewLatino Filmmakers is the best and only independent Latino “cinematheque” showcase in New York City -- now in its 7th year! Docs, shorts & features. "Come early, stay late, pay one price."
So what's playing at the screening? Glad you asked.

In addition to "The Crypt Club" (starring Alison Pill from "Milk", "Dan In Real Life", and "Pieces Of April") there are several other short films including: "434" by Leonard Zelig & Javier Perez-Karam, "My Wife Is A Zombie" by Monica Winter Vigil, "3:52" starring America Ferrera ("Ugly Betty") by Shawna Baca, and "Blood Drips" by Pepper Negron.

Headlining the bill is the Spanish/Argentina co-production "El Niño De Barro" (The Mud Boy) by Jorge Algora. We screened this film to a packed house at last year's Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival.

And - as if that weren't enough creepy Hispanic goodness for ya - they also have a Trailer Spotlight to showcase teasers & trailers of upcoming works by talented Latin Horrorphiles. Que bueno!

Latin Horror Horrorphiles #2
The Crypt Club Official Web Site

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mr. Serial Killer webisodes go on-line

The first wepisode of Steven Cerritos' "Mr. Serial Killer" is now on-line. And, as Steven told me, viewer discretion is strongly advised. Sure there are cute and cuddly animated bits, but this series isn't for the kiddies. They don't call him 'Mister' for nothing.

For the bold of heart, here's what Steven says of his latest creation:

"Meet the Happy Face Killer! He’s a strange, confused but lovable little serial killer who’s always looking to cause mischief and mayhem! Along with Allegra (his secret, secret crush) and her wacky, silly friends, the Happy Face Killer will discover the importance of cathartic anarchy, love, relationships and existentialism all while having a ton of f-fu-fun!

"Mr. Serial Killer is a disturbing and psychotic web series featuring a group of serial killers, each with different variations of psychological complexities/disorder and perversions. Typical webisodes (the equivalent to television’s episode) will begin with cartoonlike storybook sequences, followed by live action. A typical webisode will run five to ten minutes long. I know that the first webisode has a running time of twenty minutes but that’s the first and last time.

"The web series is catered for the 18-34 demographic and it’s about serial killers, hence the graphic violence, dark, perverse humor, and bizarre characters.

"We’ve taken the unique approach of delivering the web series on a platform with a colorful, cartoonlike art direction because it offers the creators numerous creative possibilities and it lightens the live action’s dark, twisted themes. It also creates for effective contrast when juxtaposing the vibrant, and lighthearted cartoon sequences to the gritty, dark and violent live action.

"Our web series will combine continuing serial drama elements, such as those often found in soap operas or miniseries, while also running individual standalone webisodes that will not follow the web series’ main plot line. Due to these differing types, the web series will be divided into two categories:

“Arc” webisodes will follow the web series’ current plot line. These webisodes will usually consist of the web series’ unique ensemble of characters interacting and creating conflict with one another, while also introducing subplots and secondary characters.

“Standalone” webisodes will either introduce or further develop one of the webseries’ characters. Generally a standalone webisode will give the viewer an intimate look into a character’s bizarre life and psyche.

"Well, where’s the substance? Is this just the equivalent to torture porn? Yes. Yes it is! Hahaha! All kidding aside, there’s more to this than just violence and mere shock value. The 70’s gave us Bundy and Gacy. The 80’s had its Dahmer’s and Ramirez’, while the 90’s had its Wuornos’ and Bernardo’s. Every individual serial killer a direct reflection of what had gone wrong in their society. You see, the serial killer is a modern day cultural phenomenon. As society evolves, so does the serial killer. In many ways, they’re the byproduct of our forefathers’ sins, of their negligence, of their ineptitude, of their ignorance… Today, when greed and gluttony has run amok, when anarchy and nihilism distort our perception on progression, what kind of monster will society deliver to us? Stay tuned…"

So, there you have it. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Mr. Serial Killer webisode
Mr. Serial Killer web site

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Madison Horror Initiates Horror Happy Hours

As if the economy isn't terrifying enough, the Madison Horror Film Festival is working overtime to keep things creepy.

Event organizer Rich Peterson (a.k.a. Freakshow) tells me that starting Wednesday April 1st Madison Horror presents its first Horror Happy Hour.

This is a FREE event. How's that for recession aid?

So, what's there to be happy about? Well, they'll be screening Troma Entertainment's "Redneck Zombies" to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary. Just think of the possibilities for a drinking game during a zombie flick... Every time a zombie growls you take a swig.

In addition to the film screening they'll be playing, live on stage, the ever-popular "Your Life Is In Jeopardy" game show. Contestants can win tickets, DVDs, and lots more cool stuff (some of it from Crypt Club Productions Inc., no less). Can you say, "Alex, the answer is "What is scary good fun?"

The whole Horror Happy Hour event takes place at the Annex on Regent Street in Madison WI. Details are available at the MHFF web site.

Bottoms up! (if that's your thing) And, if not, "Cheers!"

Madison Horror web site

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Edgar Allan Poe Is In Print Again!

Fans of Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Harryhausen, and Marc Lougee have another reason to celebrate. Sure, Marc's short stop-motion animated film "Ray Harryhausen presents The Pit and the Pendulum" is a hit on the festival circuit, and is also available on DVD.

But now, to mark E.A. Poe's 200th birthday (January 19) Bluewater Productions, in association with Hand Made Heroes Film & Television, Ltd, published "The Pit and the Pendulum" film as a glorious 4-colour comic! It hit shelves on February 25.

So where can you get this Poe-liscious publication? Well, you can ask/beg/plead/demand that your favourite comic book haunt order it for you. Or you can order it yourself on-line at Things From Another Planet. And there's always going direct to the publisher, Bluewater Productions.

Here's some background on the film to comic book transition from director Marc Lougee and producer Susan Ma.

Marc says, "Doing a comic was something I've always been keen to try, so we utilized the still images from the stop motion film as 'sequential art' in comic form; the result is a sort of hybrid between the film, a graphic novel and a short story comic. I think it's a very cool-looking way of telling the story with a fresh approach."

Sequential art in comics is a familiar sight for most everyone, but utilizing the images used in the film itself and re-processing them for another type of 'sequential art' made sense to both Lougee and Producer Susan Ma.

Susan adds, "A short film, being what it is, faces limitations in the sense it has much less of a chance of being screened outside of niche markets and events, such as film festivals. There are few real options to see shorts outside the festival circuit (location-based and online), unless you feel inclined to send it off through a distributor or post it online yourself. Many times we've found the film would be sold as a package with a host of other films, which I felt would lessen the impact and the viewing experience."

"As filmmakers, it was important for us to explore the broader potential for our film through comic book publishing, and sought out a smaller, indie film friendly publisher. Thankfully, we found just that combination in Darren Davis and Bluewater Productions, and now with the comic set for release in February, we feel we've got another opportunity to see a broader range of visibility for E.A. Poe's wonderful story, and another means of getting the story into the hands of fans everywhere."

"We're all about making the story of The Pit and the Pendulum accessible to students, teachers and fans of the Gothic genre." says Marc.

"The goal is to get folks to spend more time with Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale, to help see the subtleties in the story and lay groundwork for discussion in class. In the case of students studying E.A. Poe's work, I feel this sort of approach, the combination of films & comics in tandem, may help get kids interested in literature. This is especially relevant as we're in the midst of Edgar Allan Poe's 200th anniversary; what better time to get to know the man and his work than now?"

The Pit and the Pendulum short film

Saturday, March 7, 2009

4 of 5 Stars from GoreZone Magazine

The fiends across the pond are showing some serious UK love for AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, Volume 1.

Dean Boor of GoreZone Magazine, the 'worldwide No. 1 horror entertainment mag', had a gander at our debut short indie horror compilation DVD and rated it 4 out of 5 stars.

That's pretty cool, and not too shabby when you consider that of 30 home video releases reviewed only 6 got 5 stars (including "Batman: The Dark Knight").

Without giving it all away, Dean loves the idea behind the collection because "it provides a platform for indie filmmakers to release their prized creations." Prized and coveted they are, indeed.

To read the whole review and find out which of the 7 short films is Dean's favourite you'll have to get your claws into the February 2009 issue, #40.

Or you can ask him in person. I hear that he haunts the moors on foggy, moonless nights. Take along a slow running friend and a knapsack.

'appy reading, mates!

GoreZone Magazine

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Viva the Latin Horror Revolution!

Well amigos & amigas, don't say I don't try to broaden your horror horizons. Here's something from my old stomping grounds on the salsa side of the tracks.

Latin Horror, in association with Anthology Film Archives, presents another special edition of the NewLatino Filmmakers Screening Series: "The HORRORphiles #2 - Scaring up a Revolución" -- featuring the work of emerging Latino directors working within the horror genre.

Saturday, April 4, 2009
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue @ 3rd Street (Lower East Side)
New York, NY

So what is this Latin Horror thing all about?

Glad you asked. Here's what they say about themselves.

Latin Horror - The Official Home of Latin Horrorphiles Everywhere.

Latin Horror is the first English-language publication dedicated to the emerging genre of Latin horror and will feature the leading Latin/Hispanic/international proponents working in film, theater, music, photography. illustration, graphic novels, "dark art" novelas, comic books, literature, and games -- from the seasoned masters -- to the up-and-coming Latin horrorphile whose work is grounded in horror, the macabre, and gothic arts.

Latin Horror will also give you a front row seat into this exciting universe through exclusive, intimate profiles, insightful in-depth articles into the latest trends and developments taking hold in the industry, as well as behind-the-scene peeks at the horrific cutting-edge projects coming your way.

Basta ya. I'm sold, señoras & señores. Viva Latin Horror!

Latin Horror