Thursday, May 15, 2008

Killer-Short Film Contest Announced

Put on your creepiest comfy shoes and get set for the Killer-Short Film Contest.

This is a contest for all of us horror fans & filmmakers with an embarrassingly short attention span. Our friends at have announced an open call for entries with a no excuses submission deadline of September 2, 2008.

We want to see your micro-short horror film or your trailer for a horror film (actual or invented). Films can be as short as 30 seconds, but no longer than 3 minutes. And to sweeten the cauldron, there are awards and promo opps for selected filmmakers.

So screw in your thinking caps, blackmail your friends, and get filmmaking. Your micro-opus isn't going to film itself.

Full contest details are available at's Extras/Contest web page. (Void were prohibited by censoring governments. Yikes!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

THAFF Live TV Interview

I've been working with my friends at the Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival (THAFF) helping them re-vamp the website, establish a Facebook group, and generally getting the word out about their 11th edition, which runs Thursday May 15 to Sunday May 25. Films from 11 countries, 18 premieres. Should be lots of fun.

On Monday festival founder Daniel Irrazabal is scheduled to appear live on a local current events show. At the last minute he can't make it and asks me to take his place. The festival's programming director, Alejandro Pereira, picks me up and off we go to the SUN-TV studios.

What a blast! Live freakin' television! Okay, it isn't Saturday Night Live, but it still had the potential for disaster.

Fortunately everyone there is pretty calm and welcoming. Segment Producer Ainka Jess makes us comfortable. Johanna makes sure we have liquids and are wired us for sound. Alejandro & I go over some notes and wait for our turn on the couch.

The host, Chris Van Vliet, comes out to chat and go over some of the questions and make sure he knows how to pronounce our names. And then, before we know what hit us we're on the couch doing our tag team answering routine. And then it's over.

I can't wait to see a copy of our chat to remember what the heck I said. I sure hope it made sense.