Saturday, December 20, 2008

Horror Society presents B-Movie Madness

If you're in Chicago on Saturday January 17 you'll want to check out the Horror Society's B-Movie Madness.

They've done the indie film festival thing before, and they're doing it again. Bigger, badder, and bolder. Hey, it's a B-movie festival. I think a little alliteration is allowed. At least all the film titles don't start with a 'b'. That would be just too much fromage.

Anyway, here's what they have to say:

We are back with a new Indie Film Festival. This time it’s… B-Movie Madness!!

Our first festival was to shock and awe Chicago with some of the best underground, extreme horror you can imagine. Well I think we shocked a few people, but this time its a bit different. On Saturday, January 17th at the Portage Theater we will be showcasing some of the best Indie B-Movies and Horror Comedies around. Our lineup includes….

Better Off Undead
The Driller Killer
The Stalking Hand
It’s My Party, and I’ll Die If I Want To

Four of the best and most original horror comedies. Each with a little special something… The feature film, It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To, will feature a “Choose your own adventure” version of the film in which you the audience will be able to participate and choose how you want the movie to play. Not just the ending, but the whole movie. Its truly an original idea for a horror movie, and hell any movie for that matter. We will be having giveaways and trailers throughout the festival!

Vendors and sponsors are invited to contact the Horror Society for details.

Sure to be a blast and a half. What better way to spend a frosty night in the windy city?

Horror Society's B-Movie Madness

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