Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dead Harvey Review, Interview & Contest

So, what does Dead Harvey have to say about AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits? (Do you honestly think I'd let you know about it if he hated it?) If you assume that because Harvey is dead he has nothing to say you're grievously mistaken. He's quite talkative. For example, here's what he has to say about himself:

"Dead Harvey is a resource for both independent horror filmmakers and fans. We hope to keep people informed of new developments in the industry, as well as bringing attention to new and worthy independent horror films and film festivals."

Not bad for a guy with severe rigor mortis. Hardly saw his lips move.

The Dead Harvey site is stuffed (STUFFED, I tell you) with information, articles, interviews, resources, reviews and more. I don't know when he sleeps. Harvey must have died of exhaustion.

Anyway, D.H. just posted an interview with me where we talk about stuff other than AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits. Sure we talk about the DVD (can't miss a chance to do that), but we also discuss the indie horror scene, indie filmmaking struggles, and more. Riveting reading to be sure.

And that leads us into the CONTEST! (Yay! Free stuff!)

In a bold move D.H. is running his first ever contest. The answer to the skill testing question is buried in the interview. Sneaky, eh? Well, the answer can be found not that far into the interview. We're cruel, not sadistic. Simply e-mail the answer to D.H. and his decaying hand will pick a winner at the end of December.

And what does the lucky contest winner get for his/her/its trouble? Visit Dead Harvey and see...

Dead Harvey blog site

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