Saturday, July 5, 2008

Calling All Zombies! Lend a severed hand, a foot... whatever you can.

The Toronto Zombie Walk has exploded from a handful of ambulatory dead into a village-sized mob.

So what's the rub?

Well, the TZW's directors are now faced with escalating costs and yet they want to keep the creepy annual event independent and free of corporate sponsorship. (What could be more frightening than a mob of corporate sponsored zombies?)

So, the 6th annual Toronto Zombie Walk needs your help!

Please lend a severed hand, a foot... whatever you can to ensure the TZW stays free and fun.

How can you help? Glad you asked. Support the 2008 Toronto Zombie Walk Brain Drive.

Here's the dope from the TZW web site for smart, generous folks (living or undead) who want to be a part of a truly grassroots horror event without a corporate agenda:

"The ever-increasing size of the undead horde has forced us to apply for a permit with the city. To cover the associated permit and advertising costs, we have a limited number of 2008 Brain Drive t-shirts for sale!

"The proceeds from each shirt sold goes directly to the costs of running the Zombie Walk only - we are not doing this for profit - any funds over the amount required for the permit will go towards the Zombie Walk After-Party! All prices include shipping to anywhere in Canada or the US and all applicable taxes."

I've got mine. Rumour has it that wearing a Brain Drive T-shirt wards off the undead, pesky in-laws, and feelings of guilt. Remember: they make great a gift for your boo-loved.

Thanks for reading. I'll see you at the Toronto Zombie Walk on Sunday, October 19th. I've been drafted for blood duty. Happy happy. Joy joy. Walk on!

2008 Toronto Zombie Walk

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John W. Morehead said...

I hope to arrange one of these in my neck of the woods in Utah. I wish you the best in decaying lumbering about!