Wednesday, August 13, 2008

AAAAAH!! Vol. #1 film selections announced

The loooong gestation period is over. Thanks for your patience as we got our debut disc together. You can just see the head of the press release peeking out now.

Crypt Club Productions Inc proudly announces the films selected for AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits - Volume 1.

AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits is a new feature length collection of award winning independent short horror films coming to DVD in September 2008 – just in time for a very Happy Halloween.

“ALL KILLER – NO FILLER” This is the good stuff. The short horror films that caused a buzz on the festival circuit - then vanished. If you saw them the first time you know what we mean. If you didn’t, you can enjoy them now - for the first time.

From a dark, cautionary tale (THE CRYPT CLUB - with Alison Pill from PIECES OF APRIL) to gallows humor on the job (GHOST BUSTED); from the grotesque otherworld of H.P. Lovecraft (THE VEIL) to today’s outbreak fears (THE NINTH ENTRY); from the stylishly bizarre (MY SKIN! – with Tony Simmons from HUMAN NO MORE & CARNIE) and the chillingly macabre (OCULUS) to the dire family survival drama (OLD FRIENDS - from Kevin Greutert, editor of the SAW films).

We’ve resurrected these great short indie horror films. Turn down the lights and dig in for your own private horror film festival.

(alphabetical order):
- THE CRYPT CLUB (23:00 Canada) Dir: Miguel Gallego
- GHOST BUSTED (3:00 USA) Dir: Vance Null
- MY SKIN! (13:00 USA) Dir: Christopher Alan Broadstone
- THE NINTH ENTRY (5:00 USA) Dir: Anthony Falcon
- OCULUS (32:00 USA) Dir: Mike Flanagan
- OLD FRIENDS (14:30 USA) Dir: Kevin Greutert
- THE VEIL (12:00 Canada) Dir: Mike Jackson

DVD INFO: Available September 2008 - Horror/Drama - 110 Minutes Total - NTSC - All Region Disc - Color - English - 4:3 Letterbox - Dolby Digital Stereo - Not Rated (Some strong visuals, language, and mature themes. Not recommended for infants or the infantile.)

SPECIAL FEATURES: Play Options: Play All (Festival Order); Individual Film Selection - Chapter Jumps - Trailers - Greetings from creator Miguel Gallego - Subtitles: English/Spanish - DVD@CCESS link to Secret Web Content.

AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits is produced and distributed by Crypt Club Productions Inc.

AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits
Crypt Club Productions Inc.

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