Monday, April 14, 2008

New AAAAAH!! Logo & Tees

The new AAAAAH!! logo is back from Rue Morgue magazine's Ghoulish Gary Pullin - and it's both a beauty and a beast!

This is our first venture into an exclusive line of 'Crypt Wear' (TM). The old school EC Comics inspired horror vibe is there along with a little extra bite. The question of what is scary and elemental came up and I think Gary nailed it with those fangs coming at you out of the dark. Merci boo-coup, Gary.

So, in honour of the new logo and its comin'-at-ya approach, we're doing up a limited mini-batch of special, prototype glow-in-the-dark tee-shirts at Merch Guy that we're taking to Denver this weekend.

If you think the new logo looks good here, wait till you see it in the flesh...

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