Monday, April 21, 2008

Denver HorrorFest Highlights

First, I must send a gargantuan "muchas gracias" to the staff at HF for treating us with such grace and hospitality. Kathy, Brad, Kristin, Lisa, Debbie, Carol and her daughter (frankly, I'm super embarrassed that I don't remember her moniker) you all rocked my Casbah!

When I wasn't gawking at the constant parade of super heroes, storm troopers, and assorted aliens I got a chance to hang out with some pretty cool filmmakers such as the Minnesota monster magnates from Not For The Squeamish Productions, the fearsome foursome from Random Creatureface Films, the Tromatized team from Bizjack /Flemco Productions, and my travel buddy Marc Lougee, whose film - The Pit and the Pendulum - wowed the fans.

Also present were scads of actors. It's pretty cool to hang out in the green room and see Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols and Nana Visitor. But the real action was on the convention floor with soon to be famous actors like December 2007 Tromette of the Month Scarlet Salem, and the multi-faceted Jed Rowen.

Plenty of horror film fans (in & out of costume) stopped by too, like Harry Marlow, Jarred Efird and Justin Marlow. And then there were the just plain curious folks who stumbled into the indie horror film dungeon only to spin on their heel and head back to the safety of a sci-fi costume party.

A bonus treat for me was finally meeting the finely coiffed gentleman in the photo, Zachary from the Denver Hearse Association. He made time from his busy schedule planning the second annual Denver Hearse Con (May 9-11) to say hi and introduce me to some of his fellow hearse aficionados. When I get my hearse on the road I plan to point its chrome cormorant hood ornament in the direction of a future Hearse Con.

All in all a packed weekend of meeting and greeting and getting the word out about the upcoming release of AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits on DVD.

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