Tuesday, April 26, 2011

8th Maverick Movie Awards - Don't Call It A Film Festival

The words 'film festival' conjure up a public event with red carpets, applause, and glamour - at least for some filmmakers. For others, a film festival is a nerve wracking ordeal where the popcorn is topped with flop sweat.

So why submit your film to a festival? Mostly to gain exposure to create a buzz with which to tempt distributors into making a deal. But if you're looking for an alternate route for your film - without the need for tuxedo dry cleaning - there's the Maverick Movie Awards.

But don't call it a 'film festival' because there are no screenings.

I'll let the Maverick Movie Awards' Mission Statement explain:
The Maverick Movie Awards was founded by moviemakers who have been through the glorious highs and crushing lows of the international film festival circuit; from these shared experiences came the calling to create a real alternative to the nepotism, politics, and commercialism that defines far too many festivals and competitions.

Our goal is to help talented moviemakers achieve the recognition they deserve by awarding movies with unique style, exceptional craft, and the power to communicate.

By championing great movies, regardless of origin, genre, or budget, our hope is to re-ignite the spirit of the major film festivals and distribution pioneers by celebrating what they once valued above glitz and glamour...simply put: GREAT CINEMA.

So, if you've made some GREAT CINEMA in the form of a feature film, short film, or documentary you can submit it to MMA through Withoutabox.
Regular Deadline: May 31, 2011
Late Deadline: June 30, 2011
Extended Deadline: July 31, 2011

Fees & submission details are at the Maverick Movie Awards site.

And save your black tie attire for a wedding or a nice funeral...

Maverick Movie Awards


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