Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hanging at the BAZAAR of the BIZARRE

I'm a sucker for cool handmade items.

Mass-production is all right for heavy duty stuff, like refrigerators. But for other things - those that add beauty, curiosity, and fulfillment to your life - there's nothing like the care and attention to detail of an artisan's touch.

And then there's the weird & wonderful. I like when artisans and the weird & wonderful round the same corner and smack into each other. The result is often far more satisfying than a mere chocolate/nut-paste confection.

And that leads me to the Bazaar of the Bizarre.

I discovered the Bazaar of the Bizarre last spring on the recommendation of artist David Irvine. It's a Toronto showcase for artisans, created by Plastik Wrap boutique's Adriana Fulop.

Here's how she describes the now twice-annual one-day event:
If you have not attended the last bazaar and do not know what to expect, you are in for a real treat! It is a marketplace filled with amazing vendors. Artists, designers, craft-folk, publishers, and other independent makers of all things exotic, whimsical, and macabre are assembled to attack all of your senses.
Sounds like my kind of market place.

Last spring we picked up several very cool items, including a pair of skull cuff-links to add some macabre pizazz to a business suit.

Then it hit me: I'm an independent maker of macabre stuff.

So, we have a booth at the next Bazaar of the Bizarre on Sunday October 10th to add some "AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits", Cryptwear, and Black Widow Hearse Club swag to the Bazaar's mix.

Scare you there...

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