Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bill Plympton Doc Seeks Assistance

Two very cool people are involved in one extremely cool project. Performer & Filmmaker Alexia Anastasio is creating a documentary about renowned, Academy Award nominated indie animator "Bill Plympton called Adventures in Plymptoons!"

Why make a documentary about Bill Plympton, "King of the indie animators"?

Well, here's what some people you probably recognize say about Mr. Plympton and his doc-worthiness.

"Bill is an extraordinary animator. He has an extraordinary mind....He seems to get right to the depth of the human condition." - Terry Gilliam

"Bill Plympton's imagination, and the way that he was able to deconstruct animation....was something I'd never seen before." - Matthew Modine

"I think he's one of the few guys who does what I say people should do, which is your own films....Bill's a great animator." - Ralph Bakshi

"You don't want to meddle with genius...Bill's just amazing." - Weird Al

“Bill has an impossible ability to carelessly marry the absurd with the profound. I’ve always just loved his stuff.” - Seth Green

"Bill Plympton just keeps on creating his amazing cartoons, a true American artist." - John Landis
The film is currently in post-production and needs dinero to get it done.

And that's where you and come in. Alexia has set a $10,000 donation challenge. If good folks (like you) donate that amount by the deadline then the film gets the money. If donations fall short (by even one dollar!) then nothing happens and pledges are dropped.

If you can lend a hand to help create a lasting documentary about one of the world's great indie animators... just think how cool you'd be too. Every single dollar counts.

The nail biting Donation Deadline is October 12, but why wait to act on a good impulse?
Kiskstarter page
Alexia Anastasio Bill Plimpton page
Alexia Anastasio web page


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