Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Official Toronto Zombie Walk's Brain Drive Is In High Gear

[The following information from Thea Munster (a.k.z. The Zombie Queen, She Who Must Be Obeyed - Or Else) is being re-transmitted by us - with liberal editorial content, and only a few nasty bruises. BTW, that is neither Thea nor me in the photo. That's the last zombie who failed to, well, you know... Now he has to eat his brain rations through a twisty straw. Heartbreaking really. But I digress...]

Yikes!! Only 4 months to go before the dead rise and invade the streets of Toronto!!! Yes boys & girls, the official Toronto Zombie Walk is back for 2010.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 23.

It's going to be bigger and better than ever. Will we break last year's attendance estimate of 5,000 undead souls? Come on out and count heads for yourself.

We have some new things this year, including FREE Toe Tag registration.


Now, you're probably saying to yourself, "I've never had to register before. What gives?" Or, maybe you're standing there shaking your fist saying, "F*** you. You'll never take me alive (undead?)!"

Indeed. In either case, why should you register for this tremendous grassroots success? Well, success brings new challenges. And this is one way that we can get some stats so we can go for bigger events... As the undead Martha Stewart would say, between bites of brain tartar, "It's a ghoul thing."

And, did I mention there are tasty incentives to registering? Yep. We're going quid pro quo, baby.

Here's how it works:

You register either in advance on-line, or on the day at the TZW starting point with one of several TZW Registration Volunteers with clipboards. Trust me, It's better to register in advance and avoid the line-ups and hassle of a last minute rush.

When you register on-line you'll receive an e-mail with a registration number. Print out the registration e-mail and bring it to the TZW starting point and trade it for your very own keepsake, commemorative TZW TOE TAG. The Franklin Mint ain't got squat on this baby.

Each TZW Toe Tag is numbered and eligible for special prize draws. Flashing your souvenir TZW Toe Tag also gives you the special Zombie Discount at the Bloor Theatre screening following the TZW.

You can register now on-line. Just click TZW FREE On-Line Registration


Our 2010 Brain Drive has begun! Why? Because this year's TZW operating costs are well over 3,000 bones!! (Ay caramba!)

[By the way, I believe it's called a Brain Drive because zombies need brains to survive, and the not-for-profit TZW needs public support to keep on keeping on. We're like PBS for the ambulatory undead.]

Fortunately, some amazingly generous sponsors have donated a number of fiendtastic prizes. And we've created some awesome prize packs that YOU CAN WIN when you help out The Toronto Zombie Walk.

Brain Drive Tickets are available for a donation of $5, or 3 for $10! We also have a ghoulishly amazing MYSTERY PRIZE - you get a chance at that one for a donation of $2.

To check out the prize pack contents click TZW Brain Drive You can Enter/Donate securely through PayPal.

Fiendtastic prizes include:

*a stay for 2 at a Niagara on the Lake Hotel
*a Flip Camera
*art prints from Christopher Zenga
*jewelry from Jeanie Schlegel
*zombie goodies from Zombies and Toys
*jewelry from The Krafty Kreep
*creepy ghoul basket from Horrors Unlimited
*gift certificate from UV Kitty
*2020 Haunt Calendars by Hector Turner
*merch from Crypt Club Productions Inc.
*passes to Scream Fest
*merch from Black Widow Hearse Club
And much, much more!!!!!

Then, on July 31, 2010 we'll choose random donors to each win one of our seven awesome prize packs. The more you donate to the TZW, the better your chances to take home some sweet swag!

We will be announcing other BRAIN DRIVE events shortly, so keep your eyeballs peeled!!!


We are always looking for prize donations for future fiendraising raffles and as giveaways on TZW day events.

Got an idea or something concrete for us? Let us know at info@torontozombiewalk.ca

We are very GRAVE~ful for all your help and support!

[And that's all she wrote.]

Official Toronto Zombie Walk Site
TZW Help The Walk
TZW Registration
TZW Brain Drive


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Stuart said...

Hi Zombie fans

My name is Stuart Bray, and I am a makeup FX artist from the UK. I was lucky enough to have worked on Shaun Of The Dead, and its amazing to see just how much the genre of Zombies have come along since then. I run small workshops over here, and I will be doing a Zombie Workshop which will do the whole business, appliances, airbrushing, teeth-the works.

Anyhow, I am sure that you would not be likely to pop on over from Canada but I wanted you to know so you can check back and see the finished things when they are done. I'm also running a fun little contest as I will be making appliances just for the course, and want suggestions on the coolest Zombie makeup ideas.

If I get practical, cool and original suggestions from people, I will make that appliance and use it in the workshop.

As a bonus to that, I will feature pictures of it applied on the site AND send a set of appliances to them as a thank you for taking part!
(Deadline for suggestions is Saturday 31st August!)

Thanks for your time!
Kind regards