Monday, November 16, 2009

Clucking Good Independent Grindhouse Double Feature

I'm all for promoting grassroots events, like indie film festivals and zombie walks, etc. If it weren't for these events many creative folks would never get their starts, developing their style in the crucible of popular opinion. And audiences would miss a chance to see something different, created by individuals rather than by consensus committees.

I heard about The Independent Grindhouse Double Feature thanks to an e-mail from organizer Matthew Castro. The formula for this recurring festival is to pair something new with something known in order to attract a crowd and introduce it to the new thing.

In this case the known thing is Troma's "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead", directed by Lloyd Kaufman - which I reviewed last year when it screened at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

And the new thing is the premiere of the feature film "Reunion of Terror" from director Michael Hoffman. The director, cast & crew of "Reunion of Terror" will be in attendance for a Q&A.

Also part of this devilish double bill are trailers, a short film, and contests with prizes. I love prizes. All in all it should be a freakishly good time. Take a date and some KFC and dig into the Independent Grindhouse Double Feature.

7:00pm – Midnight
Friday December 11, 2009
Temeku Theater
26463 Ynez Rd.
Temecula CA, 92591

Tickets available at the door for $12, or on-line in advance for $10.
Purchasing your ticket online grants you a chance to win a FREE Indie Grind T-Shirt!

The Independent Grindhouse Film Festival


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