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Crypt Club's Manic Fall 2009 Schedule

Yikes with spikes! October is here already. It just crept up on me while I was preoccupied with September. Sneaky month October is. That must be one reason why Ray Bradbury loves it so.

Fall is the most fertile time of the year here at Crypt Club’s mission (beyond) control. It’s when the seeds we planted earlier start sprouting through the chilled ground’s surface.

If you have a worthwhile event that could use some "AAAAAH!!" factor send me an e-mail and make your case via 'info (at)'. We're always looking to expand our sphere of influence...

Mark your calendars or your P-TEDs (personal thumb exhausting devices) and spread the word about our deserving partners’ events & stuff. Remember: what goes around comes around – like a karmic chainsaw blade…

And now, here’s a look at who and what we’re involved with this freakish fall…

Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival's special, creepy late night screening event: "Noche de los Muertos" (Night of the Dead) (Friday November 6 in Toronto, ON)

This event is something new for us - a special screening event to showcase Spanish & Latin American indie horror filmmakers. We're co-presenting - with New York City's own Latin Horror. So watch out. As Edwin Pagan says, "there will be Sangre!!"

We invite filmmakers to check out the submission criteria and then send in their short and feature indie horror films.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Films must reach the THAFF offices by end of day on Friday October 16.

The newly re-vamped Hacker’s Source Magazine (ish #26) – simply THE magazine for true indie horror fans - features an article penned by moi-ha-ha to assist filmmakers in any genre.

You’ll find “4 Fundamental Questions to Ask Before Making Your Film” on page 10. It’s based on my years in the film biz, working on my own indie projects and on union films and TV shows. Dig in and ‘beast of luck’ with your film projects.

BONUS: Now - for a limited time - the entire magazine is available as a free pdf download.

Oh, and there’s also a flattering review of “AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, Volume 1” on page 51. But enough about me, there’s plenty more to tickle your eyes and mind in the rest of the issue.

We proudly support indie horror filmmaking and indie horror film festivals with prize packages and a non-exclusive distribution deal for qualifying short horror films on a future volume of “AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits”.

Shriekfest Film Festival (October 1-4 in Los Angeles, CA)
Here's what festival founder Denise Gossett has to say about this cool multi-fantasy genre celebration:

"Shriekfest is an international festival and screenplay competition dedicated to getting horror/thriller/sci-fi/fantasy filmmakers and screenwriters the recognition they deserve.

What makes our festival unique is that we proactively help the filmmakers and screenwriters by promoting their work to the industry.

We are dedicated to celebrating the art of independent filmmaking without all of the politics!"

Having participated in the festival in 2004, and supported it ever since, I say "Amen to that sentiment!"

Texas Blood Bath Film Festival (November 13-15 in Bellmead, TX)
Andrew Rose is the brain behind this celebration of indie horror. He’s also the producer of the on-line Horror Movie Fan Radio.

"The Texas Blood Bath Film Festival values independent horror filmmakers and fans of independent horror.

If you are a horror fan, we hope to see you at The Texas Blood Bath!

Centrally located for easy access for all of Texas's Horror Fans!"

Just try not to think about that other famous Texas Chainsaw event as you make your way down a dusty road to Bellmead. Go ahead, I dare ya...

Drunken Zombie Film Festival (November 6-8 in Peoria, IL)
Last year we screened two great indie horror films. The films being IT’S MY PARTY AND I’LL DIE IF I WANT TO and the world premiere of ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. How in the world could we top that? Well we decided if two great indie horror movies were good then a whole weekend has to be better."
"So while it is our second annual screening it will be the First Annual Drunken Zombie Film Festival. We’re taking open submissions for indie horror films. So if you have created an indie masterpiece or know someone who as then be sure to submit. No submission fees!"
"We are teaming with the Peoria Theater to bring this to you. Best part about the Peoria Theater? It’s a Brew and View. Yes you can have some drinks and watch some coeds run for their lives. And this time we’re doing it on the weekend."
"So you out of town folks have no excuse this time. Features and shorts galore. So prepare as Drunken Zombie brings the movies to you!!!!!"

The undead shall rise and walk the earth - at a conveniently staged event - usually with a killer after-party so you can fraternize with your fearsome festering fellows.

Arrive early to these Zombie Walks for a chance to win FREE prize copies of "AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, Volume 1". I'm not sure what they'll make you do to win one, but you must be corporeally present to accept the prize. Tell 'em Mighoul sent you...

Toronto Zombie Walk (Saturday October 24 in Toronto, ON)
This is the full-on edition of the world's original Zombie Walk. Now thousands strong, and growing...

Toronto Zombie Walk - Director’s Cut Edition (Saturday September 12 in Toronto, ON)
This mini ZW was held to honour George A. Romero’s “Survival of the Dead” ad the Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness screening. Worth it just to hear George Romero ask the gathered zombie throng, "Why do you do this?"

The circle (of un-life?) closes as Zombie Walk originator Thea Munster
meets George Romero, father of the modern zombie film, for the first time.

Hamilton Zombie Walk(Saturday October 24 in Hamilton, ON)
Another growing event in The Hammer - with a food drive component. Scaring and caring. Neat. Bring on the Steeltown ghouls!

And on the West Coast:
Comox Valley Zombie Walk (Saturday October 31 in Courtenay, BC)
A newer entry to the Zombie Walk phenomenon. Nice to see it growing on the other side of the Rockies, poised to leap to the Orient where mindless hordes of... oh, wait. Too late. Go get 'em, zombies.

Well, that's it for now. See you in the dark.

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