Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Michael Jackson's Zombie Revenge / Celebration

You just knew this was coming at ya!

This weekend, to mark the one month anniversary of the shocking demise of the "King of Pop" [my, how the time and the incessant press coverage fly] there is a Michael Jackson "Thriller" Zombie Walk complete with choreography in Chicago's Wicker Park. There's no official word yet if John Landis, Ola Ray, or any of the Jackson clan will be attending.

Zombie walkers are warned to work on their costumes to prevent any embarrassing 'wardrobe malfunctions'. Wouldn't want to unwittingly expose your brains now, would you? But enough freakish frivolity...

Here's what the event organizers posted on their Facebook page [insert Moon Walk, spin, crotch grab, and a piercing "Eeee-heee!"]

"Saturday July 25th we dedicate this Zombie Walk to the King of Pop "Michael Jackson" This date marks the one month anniversary of his passing and in his memory we will honor him by being the best damn Thriller Zombies we can be!

Remember this walk is to honor Micheal Jackson and one of the Greatest Song/Album and Best Choreographed Dance Ever!

- Practice the Thriller Dance moves at home or with a group of friends
- You can find instructional video at http://thrilltheworld.com
- Think hard & plan out your Zombie makeup/costume (the Gruesome the Better)
- Think of different way to honor "Michael Jackson" (Signs/Poster/Etc. this walk is for him)
- Promote and tell everyone of your friends to be apart of this Epic Thriller Zombie Walk!

- Please do not touch or bother any pedestrians during the Zombie Walk
- Please keep your walk as clean as possible (leave no trash ~ blood's ok though!)
- We will be passing out fliers with route map & instruction day of event
- We encourage everyone to join in the Thriller Dance portion of our walk
- If you don't know the dance moves feel free to dance however way you want and just have fun!

This is a FREE event open to everyone if you would like to Help, Volunteer or Sponsor our event please feel free to contact one of us on facebook or through ::
- Lindsay at Curls3356@yahoo.com
- Martin Malafator at Thriller@custom-vibes.com"

In addition to the walk/dance itself there will be several after-parties. Details are available at the Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie Walk Facebook event page.

I hope that at least one attendee's costume and behaviour will honour the other departed star of "Thriller". And, no, I don't mean Ola Ray's career. I'm talkin' 'bout the man with the wicked yet mellifluous tones: Mr. Vincent Price! Thriller indeed.

Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie Walk Facebook Page


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