Friday, May 8, 2009

New Indie Horror Service: DOA Management

Whether you're an actor, director, or producer, there's a new company on the horror-izon that will provide entertainment management for indie horror talent.

Andrew and Dione Rose are proud to launch a new business concept for the independent horror industry – DOA Management.

DOA Management will provide “Hollywood Style” management services, to include talent management, casting services, publicity services, production consultation, and other customized services for the independent horror actor, director, and producer.

As the producer of Indie Horror Radio on, Andrew is in tune with the independent horror
industry. Andrew and Dione are fans of independent horror cinema and have a large network of actors, directors, writers, producers, sf/x artists, and media contacts.

Check the link to learn more about this exciting new company and what it can do for your indie horror film career.

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DOA Management


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