Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Film Festival Launches

There's a new film festival launching in Toronto, with a call for entries to indie filmmakers from around the world.

The mandate of the Toronto/GTA Night of the Living Film Festival is to showcase edgy new indie moviemakers in a chain of small independent screening spaces in our beautiful city of Toronto (and area), so their work can be seen in an arena other than the web.

You know, as much as I love watching movies in the privacy of my dark, quiet crypt, there's something about the communal experience of watching a film with a crowd in a darkened cinema that can't be replicated by a giant home theatre set up. If only the kid behind the concession stand would quit snickering at my dead bunny slippers.

For information on submission details, festival dates, venues, etc. you can send an e-mail to Chad.

I'm curious to see what will grow from this seed. Beast of luck. And keep watering it guys!

Night of the Living Film Festival - Toronto
Night of the Living Film Festival - Yahoo Group


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