Monday, February 23, 2009

Can Films From AAAAAH!! Survive Dai's Dissection?

Dai Green, the Dark Doyenne of DVD Delights at, dissects the films of "AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, Volume 1".

In the 02/19/09 entry of her "What's the Bloody Deal?" column she selects Christopher Alan Broadstone's "My Skin!" and my own "The Crypt Club" for closer inspection.

So, after honing her verbal blades, what does Dai have to say? Well, now that you ask, here's a self-serving sample:

Christopher did a great job of making this film something that you can watch more than once and enjoy each time you do. With a great script, beautiful camera shots, and a wonderful actor at the helm, this short proves that short horror films are an important, and sometimes even more worth watching, part of the horror film industry!

Can you see me blushing in the dark? That's the kind of praise we're looking for when we select films for "AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits".

Thanks Dai for agreeing that what we're doing is worth watching. And I'll never, ever forget that the correct pronunciation of your first name rhymes with 'Day', not 'Die'. (Fifty lashes with a wet cat 'o nine tails)

And what does Lady Dai have to say about "The Crypt Club"? I'll let you enjoy that read on your own. Suffice to say that vivid memories of teen angst play a key role.

Volume two is in the works. Send in your short indie horror films before it's too late...

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