Monday, November 24, 2008

Free MindFlesh screening on-line

It's been a while since I heard from my UK friend Robert Pratten of Zen Films. We met at a Boston film festival and have kept in touch ever since. Okay, we're not best buddies and don't text each other hourly, but he's a cool guy and a talented filmmaker. I was impressed with his first film, "London Voodoo".

His second film, "MindFlesh", is now available on DVD. It's adapted from William Sheinman's book "White Light". Think "Hellraiser" meets "Species". Here's's description:

"MindFlesh is about obsession. Specifically, the obsession of taxi driver Chris Jackson who believes a goddess from a parallel dimension is walking the streets of London. This obsession is destroying the natural order of the universe and Guardian extraterrestrials threaten to kill Jackson's friends if he doesn't relinquish his fantasy.

Jackson, played by Peter Bramhill (Human Traffic) enlists the help of parapsychologist Frank Verdain played by Chris Fairbank (Batman, Alien3, 5th Element) to unravel the secrets of the mind and the universe. Only his Buddhist ex-girlfriend played by Lucy Liemann (Bourne Ultimatum) understands the power of the mind."

That's good news. BUT HERE'S BETTER NEWS:

Robert e-mailed to let me know that thanks to a hook up with the Twitch on-line movie site you can watch "MindFlesh" for free for three days only: December 12, 13, 14. That's a 72 hour window to tune in and trip out to "MindFlesh". Mark your calendars.

Here's the text link to cut and paste into your browser:

or you can access it here: MindFlesh link on Twitch

Enjoy! And Happy Horror-Days!

Zen Films site

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