Sunday, October 12, 2008

Congrats to Jill & Jude

It was a match made at a horror convention and it paid off today with a wedding at a haunted attraction.

A year and a half back Killer Works' Jill Cooper & I were hanging out at the World Horror Convention in Toronto. There she met Jude Waltermire, a writer fellow from Chicago.

Bim bam boom - a little over a year later the wedding invitation arrived in the mail. Wow! Who'd have thought such things could start in the midst of all that death and decay?

Family and friends gathered in Chicago to witness the wedding, and partake of a fabulous wedding cake that featured the bride and groom carrying a bloody axe and a dirt encrusted shovel - partners in crime. Congratulations! Hope you get away with it... and live scarily ever after.

Killer Works

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