Thursday, September 11, 2008

"You Can't Say That On Radio!"

Well, maybe not on normal radio - but this is HMF Indie Radio coming out of Texas on the word-wired-web.

I'll find out soon enough what I can & can't say on radio as I've been invited to talk live about horror stuff on Indie Radio hosted by director & actor Parrish Randall.

The whole rootin' tootin' no-holds-barred critical/intellectual/visceral shebang takes place Sunday September 21 at 8:05 pm (EST) for about 45 minutes. My thanks to show producer & indie horror fan Andy Rose for the invitation.

I'm sure the conversation will turn [okay, it will be steered with locked arms] toward the new release of AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, Volume 1. Andy was among the first to order it so he could do his homework before the air date - and to bring his family closer together [see previous blog post].

If you want to be part of the live show the Call In Number is (646) 716-7438.

For fans of the long-running Radio show this program is the second show that they've developed and it focuses solely on independent horror films.

All right! The indie film movement is growing. Soon we will take over the world...!

And then we'll be able to say whatever the [*&^#!] we want on the radio. Pardon mon Fran├žais. Indie Radio

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